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Nudists Next Door



Naked neighbours all the rage

84% of Brits would buy a home next door to nudists!

The great summer heatwave of 2006 may already seem like a distant memory, but as the summer draws to a close, but millions of Britons have been stripping off completely on terraces, balconies and in gardens all over the UK, according to our latest survey.

A startling 19.7% of respondents say they have got their kit off outside while at home on at least one occasion, equivalent to around 11 million people.  The figures also suggest people are not going to great lengths to ensure nobody sees them, with 21% saying that they have caught their neighbours in the altogether at some point.

Those in metropolitan areas are more likely than those outside cities to sunbathe nude (21% compared to 16%).  It seems that even though rural homes may be more secluded, city dwellers are less likely to know their neighbours and a greater feeling of anonymity seems to lower metropolitan inhibitions.

Some interesting facts and figures. I’ve always thought that there are more people willing to try nudism/naturism they just need others to help justify their thoughts. Kind of like how it is now okay to talk about risque sex since 50 Shades of Gray came out.

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